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Mission Mid-Atlantic is a diverse fellowship of churches united by Biblical mission.

Developing New Churches
Cultivating Church Leaders
Building Healthy Churches
Assisting Pastors and Churches in Crisis

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  • Intelligence links for the mission. Moving Toward Church Multiplication Movements: 4 Steps for Developing Multiplication Leaders by Ed Stetzerhttp://www.christianitytoday.com/edstetzer/2014/april/4-steps-for-developing-multiplication-leaders.htmlCuring Congregational Low Self-Esteem by Bill Tenny - Brittianhttp://effectivechurch.com/curing-congregational-low-self-esteem/ What's wrong with producing a "worship" experience? by Jared C Wilsonhttp://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/gospeldrivenchurch/2014/04/04/whats-wrong-with-producing-a-worship-experience/ 7 Great Easter Videos for Easter Services by ProPreacherhttp://www.propreacher.com/7-great-easter-videos-for-easter-services/ The String With An Idea At the...

  • The following story is told by Nik Ripken in his book, The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected. It is a compelling reminder of what it looks like to follow Christ without reservation. Nik writes:Many of the stories that I heard in Russia celebrated God’s faithfulness...

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Are we willing to walk with Jesus in the hard places? ~ The Insanity of Obedience/Ripken
Am I simply a member of the church or am I a true follower of Jesus Christ? ~ The Insanity of Obedience/Ripken
Being incarnational is ultimately and beautifully about displaying God's glory to the world. ~ Flesh/Hugh Halter
To me, the greatest sadness of even an "active" faith is that it often sets us up to live in solitary Christian refinement. ~ Hugh Halter
Incarnation really doesn't work unless it becomes in incarnational community. ~ Flesh/Hugh Halter
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