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Leadership consultation, ministry evaluation, pastoral coaching, strategic planning, lifestyle stewardship ministries, connection with other resources.... Mission Mid-Atlantic can help you put the pieces together!

Developing New Churches

Church Planting, or developing new churches, has always been at the heart of Mission Mid-Atlantic. We seek to regularly plant and develop new local churches of like identity and purpose. We have found the best way to do this is through the discovery, development, and deployment of church planters - ideally through a sponsoring or sending church. Churches planting churches assures that emotional interest, prayer support, and the sense of belonging remain high between the planting church and the fledgling planted church.

Building Healthy Churches

Using consultation, evaluation, assessment, and targeted tools, Mission Mid-Atlantic seeks to assist member churches in achieving and maintaining church health. Through a variety of venues, we provide:

  • Pastoral Coaching
  • Leadership Consultation
  • Ministry Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Follow-UpConnection with other resources

Lifestyle Stewardship Ministries

The image of the biblical steward has fallen on hard times in modern American society. The word and concept are often reduced to money and giving. The modern words - "caretaker," "manager," "custodian," "ambassador," "agent" and "guardian" - simply fail to deliver the full meaning of the biblical word "steward." Stewardship, at the core, is not sharing our money with others; it is sharing the resources of another (God) with those who will make good use of it.
Mission Mid-Atlantic is pleased to assist the local church in the development of biblical stewards through:

  • Live seminars teaching basic lifestyle stewardship principles that help individuals understand how God has uniquely designed them and how they fit into the puzzle of life, as well as how financial stewardship and estate planning fit into God's program.
  • Identifying and training coaches within local churches who will disciple individuals who desire a biblical stewardship lifestyle.

For more information on our Lifestyle Stewardship Ministries, please contact Len Davis at (856) 371-3804

Cultivating Church Leaders

Equipping pastors and other church leaders with tools and resources allows them to pursue excellence in ministry under the sovereign hand of God. Mission Mid-Atlantic is committed to seeing systematic transformation that leads to health, growth, the making of new disciples and eventually congregational reproduction.
One way we will accomplish this is through a strategy that includes the establishment of LEAD Teams. LEAD Teams are designed to help pastors and other ministry leaders grow in their understanding of leadership and to develop their effectiveness as leaders by providing:

  • Mutual accountability
  • Mutual support and encouragement
  • Friendship and fellowship
  • Becoming the incubators for church planting

Assisting Pastors & Churches in Crisis

A crisis can sometimes overwhelm a pastor or a church. When invited, we come alongside pastors and churches in crisis to help resolve conflict, solve problems, and restore healthy relationships to the glory of God by:

  • Supporting church leadership by providing conflict coaching or mediation in conflict situations
  • Facilitating ongoing education on peacemaking through training events
  • Networking with other like-minded churches to encourage and support one another in promoting and practicing Biblical peacemaking.

Whether your church is facing a crisis situation or you simply need help navigating sensitive waters, Mission Mid-Atlantic can help you to the other side. Please call our office at (856) 881-8990, and we will connect you with one of our trained consultants.

Crown Financial Money Map™ Coaching

Do you long for your church to experience life transformation, reduced stress and improved marriages? Do you trust that true financial freedom is possible? The application of biblical financial principles can help draw people closer to Christ and free them to give more to their local church and become more generous givers. Scattered throughout the 66 books of the Bible are 2350 verses on money and possessions. They have the power to transform hearts and finances. Your people need to see these truths in an organized, cohesive way that nurtures application. Therefore Mission Mid-Atlantic is working with Crown Financial to provide Money Map Coaching for your church family.

Len Davis, our Lifestyle Stewardship Associate, has been trained through the Crown Money Map™ Coach Training Course as a means for providing individual, one-on-one coaching for people who need assistance with setting up a spending plan or reducing debt, etc. For more information, please contact Len Davis at (856) 371-3804.

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